Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In which we all get a new accessory

What an unbelievable day.  What a momentous occasion.  The very first day...

that I got to wear my brand new ring!!!   Gorgeous, no?  (Banana Republic, not on sale, but the sales associate gave me a discount anyway.  Why?  Because I am adorable.)

Oh, and this, too:


He's so dreamy.  

All nonsense aside, what a great thing to see today.  And every time they showed some middle aged African-American man crying, I cried, too.  I couldn't help thinking how those who grew up being told they were less because of the color of their skin must have felt today.  How proud they must have been!  How satisfied!  Finally, finally all the years of suffering, all the years of fighting have paid off.  All the misery is rising out of the ashes to become hope.  Hope for us all.


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