Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In which I introduce my new bedfellows

I'm so excited about moving back to New York that I dug out my old subway map.  I have unfolded it and looked at all the different neighborhoods at least seventy jillion times.  And now I want it nearby all the time, like some kid who drags around an old magazine because it has one pretty picture in it.  I just keep opening it and going, maybe I could live there, or maybe I could live there!  It is all very thrilling until I remember that I am not rich and will most likely end up living in a box on the banks of the East River.

The blue things are wrist guards that are supposed to help with my carpal tunnel syndrome (that I also have in my feet, but whatever).  I thought they would be really uncomfortable to sleep in, but they're not that bad.  They have a bean bag under the palm to keep your hand stable, so it ends up feeling pretty comfy.  

There are really only a couple of problems with the wrist guards.  First of all, when I am in bed, I can't read a book because I can't hold it, much less turn the pages.  And I can't change the channels on the TV because I can't manage the remote.  I have to click the remote with my thumb, so I inevitably press the wrong button and accidentally land on some shopping channel and then can't get back to The Daily Show.  Or I end up turning the volume up really loud, which I'm sure my neighbor appreciates.

The other thing is that the wrist guards have velcro closures.  When I am sleeping, they tend to come apart and, because I sleep in a fetal position, they end up getting attached to each other.   And then I wake up at 4 am with my arms stuck together, which is an...odd feeling.  You know how it is when you wake up in the middle of the night and don't really know where you are or what's going on?  Add your limbs stuck together and see how freaked out you get.  

The wrist guards usually get peeled off about 6 am when I have to get up to pee.  Then I inevitably go back to sleep without putting them back on, and I wake up with numb hands.  And late for work.

Oh well.

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  1. I love that you have to take off your right wrist guard to take the pic.