Monday, January 5, 2009

In which I want to eat my lunch all by myself

The other day for lunch we went to Century City mall, where they have not a food court, but a dining terrace.  They have tons of great restaurants in there, but none of the classic food court stuff like McDonald's or Taco Bell.  There are also a few full service restaurants in the mall, so we decided to go to one.  We chose Houston's, which has been one of my favorites since I lived in Houston and ate there.  

I used to go with one of my friends who always got the same thing - filet mignon and a salad. She loved that salad, but she always wanted me to eat half of it. She was incredibly bossy.  So bossy, in fact, that I had to break up friends with her.  Sad, because I know that she was good hearted, but she used to not take no for an answer.  Literally.  If she wanted to do something and I said I didn't want to or couldn't afford it, she would call and call and call and bug me living daylights out of me until I would give in.  And I got tired of giving in.  But she was right about that salad this is what I was craving the other day.

We had several different servers, so when one came to take our order, I got the soup and salad.  They brought my yummy, yummy soup first and then my coworkers' food, and then some other girl walked towards us with my salad.  She didn't know I was watching her.  I saw her hand move from the top of my salad back under the plate.  When she set it down in front of me, I could see there was something brown in her hand.  It had to be either bacon or a crouton.  I watched her as she walked away and saw her hand go to her mouth and her jaw start working.

She was eating my salad.  My salad that she took from my plate, right in front of me!  MY SALAD.

I stared at my plate, and then told my coworkers that she had taken something from my plate and eaten it.  One of the servers came by and asked if everything was ok.  I told him what had happened and he was appropriately horrified.  He immediately took my salad away and said he'd get me a new one.  Then another of the servers came over and asked what happened.  When I told her, she laughed, and then apologized for the laughing and the snacking.  I laughed too and told her that when I waited tables, we only occasionally picked fries off of people's plates, and only in the kitchen, NEVER in front of the customer.  Then the server who delivered my food came over and told me she didn't eat any of my salad.  "I saw you put your hand in my food," I said.  "I didn't," she replied.  "I didn't eat your food."  But she apologized anyway.  

They did bring me a new salad, with LOTS of stuff on it and I was finally able to enjoy my whole salad without anyone's help.


  1. How awkward and gross! She is a liar and you got the better salad out of it. Did they comp you?

  2. What is it about Houston's salads? One time I got one there that had a gigantic fly in it.


  3. I don't think they comped it, but you're right they should have. My boss paid for it regardless. Its really a shame, because I LOVE Houston's!