Sunday, January 4, 2009

In which I plot my return

I've been having these really weird dreams lately.  They're not frightening, just incredibly vivid.  And I mean VIVID.  The dreams are crazy complicated - there are plots and subplots, costumes, an enormous cast of characters, multiple locations, special effects, and in one instance, molasses cookies.  I think there might even be a foley.  

Most of these dreams lately have been about traveling - packing up, trying to get to the airport, missing my flight, taking a later flight, missing that flight, getting scheduled for another one, etc.  In last night's dream, I think I was packing everything up into a few boxes and putting them and the tin of molasses cookies (delicious) into a little red wagon.  

The airport dream must have been about waiting to hear if I could move back to New York.  I asked many months ago and have been waiting, waiting, waiting to hear if I would have a job there.  The flight delay makes sense.  The waiting has been hard.

I just heard on New Year's Eve that I can move back on February 1st.  There is so much to do I am overwhelmed to the point of inaction.  The only thing I have been able to do so far is buy a coat and snow boots on  

Do you suppose I could get a little red wagon there? And also some molasses cookies?  Those were tasty.

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