Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In which I am outwitted by a German shiny thing

Yesterday was day one of a three to five day migraine headache.  This is bad enough to deal with, but at the same time, I needed to find and change the brake light bulbs in my car.  My neighbor offered her husband's help, but he sort of shrugged and told me that if I went to Auto Zone they would help me find the bulbs and then he would install them.  Off to Auto Zone I went, and one of the whopping two salespeople in a busy store gave me the wrong bulbs.  And how was I supposed to know?  I am a girl and I don't know anything about light bulbs, let alone cars.   

Now, I am a modern woman.  I take care of myself and I don't depend on anyone else.  Yes, I make mistakes and I do stuff wrong and I am a poor money manager, but I do pay my rent and buy my own meals and make my own bad financial decisions.  And a lot of the time I don't really mind being without a man that much.  But there are some things that make me hate being alone.  I don't like being sick and having to go to the pharmacy for medicine or the grocery store for soup myself.  I also absolutely cannot stand having to deal with car stuff. EVER.

Also, the spiders.  

I guess this week I am lucky, because Leopold is apparently long gone, so I just have to deal with feeling bad and stupid car nonsense all by myself.  So I bought the proffered bulbs, not knowing they weren't the right ones, and waited for my neighbor's husband to stop by and offer to install them.  Only he didn't stop by.  And here's where I get all confused, being a modern woman and all.  Do I go over and ask him to do it?  It can't be that hard, certainly I could do it myself if I wanted to, which, make no mistake, I DO NOT.  But he didn't really seem like he wanted to do it.  After all, his wife just volunteered him without asking him or anything.  He looked like a deer caught in headlights.  And I should be able to take care of myself.  What am I supposed to do?

Do you see my dilemma?  No wonder I have a damn headache.

So I waited, thinking he might come by.  He did not.  I was putting all my furniture for sale on craigslist so it was late when I gave up on him.  When I finally got around to changing the stupid bulbs, it was midnight and that's when I realized they were the wrong bulbs.  FABULOUS.  So last night I went back to Auto Zone, got what I thought were the right bulbs, because clearly I can't trust the guy at the store, got them home and then figured out that they were STILL THE WRONG BULBS.  Back to Auto Zone, where I finally got the right bulbs.  I came home, put them in, but still can't be certain that they work.  Who knows?  Turns out there are two different kinds of light bulbs in four different sockets on each side, and I don't know what goes where. The manual isn't very clear, because it is for several different models of the same car and this is the brake bulb for the M class, but I don't have the M class and which one is my brake bulb because all those panels are red and I am confuuuuuuuuuused!  Now it looks like maybe one brake light is working but not the other one.  I can't tell, AND I DON'T HAVE A BOYFRIEND TO STAND BEHIND THE CAR WHILE I PRESS ON THE BRAKE PEDAL AND TELL ME "THEY WORK" OR "NO DICE" AND MY HEAD HURTS!

In the meantime, whatever I did do in there changed the turn signals, because they used to go "click, click, click, click" all nice and steady, but now when I want to change lanes they are all "clikclikclikclikclikclikclikclikclikclikclikclikclikclikclikclik" like they are jacked up on methamphetamines.  I don't know what I did in there, but it sure got them riled up.

Whatever. I guess it is a trip back to Auto Zone this weekend to get more lights. 
 And then maybe I should put a post on craigslist for someone to come install them for me.  "Wanted: male to come deal with changing my brake lights and also that door handle that kind of sticks.  No shirt necessary."  

What can I say?  I am a modern woman.  

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