Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In which I offer an excuse...again

I am trying to put together my first post about Iceland with pictures, but I am having a lot of trouble actually getting the photos in the right place.  Be patient with me, I guess, seeing as how I am pretty new at this.  I think the key might be placing the images where I want them first and then typing the text around them.  I have been doing the exact opposite of that the last two nights, which explains the eight new wrinkles on my face.  And also the rash.  At least, I hope that explains it.

Rest assured that I am preparing a scintillating commentary on our trip to the Arctic Circle complete with delightful ferry rides, puffins and retired Iowans.  

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In which zzzzz(snort)zzzzz

Jet lag n. - a condition caused by traveling across 75 time zones* in a couple of days and pretending like you can still go to bed at the same time you always go to bed in LA.  Symptoms include somnolence, loss of appetite and poor sentence structure.  

I have been suffering from this condition since returning from Iceland, the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my whole life ever.  Yesterday was a particularly bad day - I was talking to the receptionist at work and suddenly felt like I was going to fall over.  Also, I hated EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CROSSED MY PATH because they were there and all rested and conscious and I was not still in Iceland.  

Since I mentioned Iceland, perhaps you are interested in what Iceland is like.  Well, I will tell you.  It is full of ice.  Lots of it.  Ice EVERYWHERE.  Icy, icy, ice. **  Here's a photo:


*There are only 24 time zones, so you can see it was quite a trip.

** This is a big fat bald faced lie told by a jet lagged liar.  More pictures to follow.