Sunday, April 5, 2009

In which I have to drink tepid water out of a GLASS, for God's sake...

 I am so happy I moved back to NYC. I do love being here.  I'm close to my friends, my social life is much more active and I am able make fantastic use of my green raincoat.  But I am exhausted.  My ankles and knees are sore and swollen.  I'm tired all the time.  I don't have any money and I'm struggling to find a second job, as well as figure out ways to cut costs in this expensive city.

Officially?  New York is kicking my ass.  



I mean, I felt compelled to order tea instead of some lovely wine at my book club meeting today to save money.  How many more concessions am I going to have to make, I ask you????

At least I have my friends to commiserate with.  I was having dinner with C and M the other night, and we collectively decided that the recession stinks.  We all liked it better when we felt like our jobs were secure and we could drink champagne out of our Christian Louboutins.    Not that I actually ever had Louboutins.  It's more like Nine Wests or Banana Republics for me.   Maybe flip-flops, although it seems like it might be hard to keep the champagne "in" them.  Probably you'd have to lap the champagne off the inside of the... oh, never mind.  This is getting gross. 

Well, at least I still have a job, I still have friends and I still have the skills to get that second job.  I still love New York.  It may be kicking me, but I'm still kicking back.

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