Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In which I stalk - sort of

A couple of Saturdays ago, I braved the holiday traffic to make a very necessary Target run.  On my way down La Brea, I saw a Toyota Prius.  The several bumper stickers on the back made it fairly apparent I was following a liberal.  My favorite of the stickers was one that said "I Never Thought I'd Miss Nixon."  I laughed out loud when I saw it, and was suddenly possessed by the need to tell the driver how funny I thought it was.  

I followed her for a bit and finally was able to pull up beside her at a stoplight.  I rolled down my window, and honked for her attention.  She rolled down her window and I said, "I LOVE your Nixon bumper sticker!"  She laughed and said "Isn't that great?"

I knew immediately who she was.  One of my favorite vegetarian hippie TV mothers, Abby from the show Dharma & Greg. 

We agreed that the trying times were soon to come to an end, laughed again, rolled up our windows and moved on.

Thanks for the great laugh, Mimi Kennedy.

P.S.  My very favorite episode of Dharma & Greg is the one where they go to a bunch of different places for Thanksgiving to placate all their friends and loved ones and they have to eat everywhere they go.  It makes me laugh a bunch of times every time I watch it.  This is towards the end of the episode: Thanksgiving Until It Hurts.  My favorite part is around 2:43.  Here are parts one and two if you are interested in watching the whole episode.

P.P.S.  Please note that Mimi Kennedy appeared on the show House.  All things can ultimately be connected to Hugh Laurie and House.  

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