Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In which I wonder whose idea this was

Oh, hi.  I am in New York now, in case you were wondering.   I've been meaning to post something, but my feet hurt.  I know that has nothing to do with typing a blog post, but it is hard to focus on anything when your feet hurt.

My first day here I walked myself nearly to death.  I wanted to check out a particular neighborhood and go to Crate and Barrel to see if they have the glassware I want (never mind that I don't have an APARTMENT yet) and then to H&M to see if they have the earrings I like, because while I don't have my own place, I do have my own ears and I like to decorate them.  So I ended up walking about 100 blocks.  Ish. 

When I got back to my friend's apartment, I told her that I was too old to live in New York and what was I doing here, this was a huge mistake.  She reminded me that most people who live here don't walk 100 blocks at a time, was I crazy?  I conceded that she had a point.  

It feels weird to be here.  It is both familiar and strange.  A lot of things have changed, but some are exactly the same.  My bank is in the same place, and right across from H&M, thank you. Some of the train lines are different, but I can still find my way around.  The place where I love to go for lunch is still in business, but right across the street there's a new Starbuck's and a bank.  My old friends are here, but I have met some new people already.  We went for a drink after work today to a nicer place than we used to go and spent a lot more than we used to spend.  

It's not the New York I used to live in, but it is still New York.  

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