Thursday, February 19, 2009

In which I am a cover girl

Previously on Rich and Fancy, I pined over the loss of my Los Angeles hair salon and stylist.  Before I left LA, I asked Thy how I should find a new salon.  Since she is Sassoon trained, she recommended I try the Sassoon salon here in NY.  

"Stop by there," she said, "and ask if you can have a consultation with someone.  If you like them, make an appointment."

After brunch last Monday, my friend and I were going to look at furniture when I noticed we were right by the downtown salon.  I convinced her to stop in for a second.  We went in, and before I had even asked about a consultation, Vidal Sassoon himself* walked up, gasped and said "You are the most beautiful blonde I have ever seen!  You must let me do your hair!**  And then!  Then you must model for me.  You will be my cover girl - my supermodel.  Work it, girl!" 

 "Oh, Vidal,"***  I said, "of course I will!  I would be honored to represent your work on the runways and in magazines!  I'm a bit shy, though, but I will get over that for the joy of working with you."****

Then Vidal*** asked me to come back on Wednesday night for a runway show***** to show off his new gorgeous model.******  I went back and walked the runway through a flurry of flashes, the audience applauding me and cheering my name.*******

I waved at the crowd and took in their love.********  Then I slipped out the back door into my limo and drank champagne all the way home.*********

* A stylist named Ericka
** "Can I bleach your hair for my training? I would do it for free."
***  Ericka
**** "Uh, ok."
***** A training class
****** My platinum blonde hair to the new trainees from the uptown salon.
******* Sat in a chair while Ericka talked about how she made my hair the color it was.  The trainees stared at me like I was a bug.
******** I tried to be funny, but no one paid any attention to me.  (Their loss.)  
********* Couldn't get out the front door because it was locked and had to wait for one of the trainees to let me out.  Walked home in the rain.

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