Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In which I chronicle my election night

I arrive home from work after Pennsylvania's been called for Obama.  I change my clothes and turn on the TV and get on cnn.com to watch the electoral map.  Shortly after that, Obama is projected to win Ohio.

 6:45pm: Flip between MSNBC and Fox News.  If neither one of them can be neutral, I can at least figure out the truth between the two of them.

7:02pm:  MSNBC announces that Obama is home eating dinner with his family.  WHAT?  How can he eat at a time like this?  What did they eat?  Macaroni and cheese?  Do you think they ordered pizza?

7:03pm: Ooooh, pizza...

7:06pm: Staring at electoral map of Florida, willing it to turn blue.  

7:07pm:  Turn blue.

7:08pm: Turn blue.

7:09pm:  COME. ON.

7:10pm: Open wine.

7:20pm: Turn to a rerun of House.  Wonder who House would vote for.  He probably wouldn't vote, because he is all bitter and sad.  You know, because of his leg and all.  OH MY GOD! On the show House just said "it's a shame I don't vote"!  I was right!  HA HA!

7:28pm: Can't believe how close the race is in Virginia.  Yes, I flipped back to MSNBC .  WHAT?  It is an historic election.  HISTORIC.  Besides, I've seen that House before.

7:51pm: Changed to episode of Frasier - Frasier is wearing blue and Roz is wearing red.  Doubt Roz would vote for McCain, though.

7:59pm:  Oh, for God's sake, Florida, do you have to torture us like this in every single election?  Decide already.  Do it!

8:02pm:  West coast polls just closed - MSNBC just called the election for Obama.  They are showing pictures of people screaming with joy.  I am crying with happiness and relief.  

8:17pm:  Oh, fine, Florida, jump on the bandwagon NOW.  You and Colorado and it looks like Virginia, too.  Can't believe it.  John McCain's concession speech is lovely and gracious.  Brit Hume looks depressed.  But then, Brit Hume kind of always looks depressed.

8:25pm:  Wonder if Sarah Palin will pose for Playboy.  Surely she's had an offer by now.

8:32pm:  Feel so proud of my country right now.  So many people voted - the races were so close in some states.  I feel like we truly spoke and really changed the course of the nation.   

8:35pm:  Wait, is the Dancing With the Stars results show gonna be on? They really need to get rid of Lucci. 

9:24pm:  Obama's acceptance speech, beautiful and inspiring.  One of my neighbors leaned out her door and screamed with excitement.  I feel like running around and hugging everyone.  

9:25pm: OVERJOYED.

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